Change for Hope

Change for Hope has worked in Nepal since 2005. We are a non profit organization to help the impoverished people of Nepal through education, medical treatment, housing and basic necessities.

Our Mission and Purpose

Our purpose is to help people break the cycle of poverty through safe living, education, transportation and medical treatment. Our mission is to create through education and business opportunities a life of independence that is sustainable for Nepali families.

Education and Business

Change for Hope creates opportunity for Nepali men, women and children to get an education, from elementary through college levels. We create business development opportunities by helping individuals start businesses. We provide humanitarian aide in various realms.

Some of the Services We Provide

  • Education through college
  • Successful transition of people into professions that will sustain them and their families
  • Medical treatments in the form of Dental and eye clinics and Chemo
  • Clothing
  • Educational Tools
  • ESL and brain gym classes
  • Solar lighting and hot water
  • Village school rehabilitation projects
  • And More...
  • Humanitarian Efforts
  • Training & Education
  • Relief & Financial Support

ChangeforHope.001 provides humanitarian work that includes tuition, clothing, uniforms, educational supplies, dental and eye clinics and medical treatments for children and adults. Building projects are underway to improve schools with security and supplies.

ChangeforHope.001 works helping Nepali people become self-sufficient by supporting existing Nepali schools and hostels. CFH has a provided ( thus far) scholarships to two students- one is pursuing a degree in nursing and one is in his third year of medical school in the area of Pharmacy.

ChangeforHope.001 accepts financial contributions, which can be made at (Scroll to country map>click on Nepal.) CFH is a fully tax deductible 501c3 organization. Nothing is taken from donations for personal expenses, all funds go to ongoing projects for the people of Nepal.

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Recent Trips/Relief Efforts

Learn about the latest projects that we are working on at CFH.001. This includes trips to Nepal or Relief Efforts to raise funds to support the people.

  • "We are so thankful for Pam's great and matchless contribution for bringing transformation in our people’s lives."

    "They were so blessed and thankful with all these help."

    Sher Bahadur LamaFounder/Director- Mercy Children Homes in Pokhara and Kathmandu; Dayako Sewa-Nepal.

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  • "Pam works tirelessly for the people of Nepal. She loves them like they are her own family!"

    The amount of help that Nepal has received through this ministry is astounding! From education, to medical treatments, to housing, clothing, food! What a blessing ChangeForHope.001 is!

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