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Update: October 4, 2017



From the Top of the World

It’s a long road to Kathmandu … cars, planes and an inordinate amount of waiting in terminals, but all worth it to come back again to serve the people here.

Beds shook and dogs began to bark last night around 2am – earthquake, again. I am not afraid. God in his wisdom took that away after being in an earthquake a month before the great one in 2015. Sleeping in a hut on the top floor with drying corn husks dive bombing me and the grass roof separating I knew God had me in His hands and for whatever purpose he had for me, it would be accomplished. And so the fear left me.

Where the cow lives.

This is where the cow lives.

Misty air surrounds me which is cool, but compared to AZ is damp and sticky. Morning cars are honking, dogs barking, saws sawing and people chatting as they hover on the side of the road as motorcycles whiz by. Hills are green and surround the small road meant for one car but often accommodate trucks. The grandmother next door moves her cow into a patch of grass which lives in a tin shed on the side of their house. People shout at her to hurry as she slowly lumbers up a cement path. The hills are being used by cows, goats and people … dogs slumber on the roads oblivious to oncoming cars. Amazing they survive.

National partners

National partners going over the budget.

Three villages are on the agenda. Babare (Dolakha district), Makwanpur (Hetuda District) and Kutal (Dhading District). Medical camps, humanitarian work, goat projects and other needs will be met, along with spiritual applications and teaching by the Nepali pastors and the medical team coming from Georgia that I will work with here.

I am blessed.

August 2017

The team has visited some pretty devastated areas due to the extreme monsoons this year and flooding. We are in the process of raising $15,000 to aide people in dire need. We have one village that we have aquaintences in that we will serve. I remember a long time ago reading a quote by Mother Teresa:
“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.”

And so this October we will visit villages and give a hand up to people who are struggling as we did during the earthquake in 2015.

Chandra churc floor #2

Chandra church floor


Chandra churc floor #2

Chandra church floor

Update: March 2017

Alisha Khadka graduated from Tansen Nursing school and in the last several months prepared and studied to take her License exam. She passed in February!!! This difficult exam is done and she now has her Nursing license. She is currently looking for employment.
Binod Nepali graduated teaching school last year and is now teaching grades 5-8 at a rural school.
One more student, Sonan, passed his Lab Technician School and will continue on with new classes to enhance his abilities.

THREE students NOW ARE being allowed to have a self-sufficient lives because of donations. I personally know all these children ( young adults ) and have watched them grow into wonderful adults.


Update: December 2016 and January 2017 has had a busy two months with outreach programs, distribution of blankets and much requested bibles- warming the body and soul. Each trip required many hours of travel in buses and hours of walking.

Sandip ( project manager) and Chandra attended and helped to organize a youth outreach program for three days where students came on bikes , scooters and motorcycles to hear the gospel in Nawalprasi Sharjung which took place early December.

Mid December two meetings took place to discuss the work on the school project in Babare, Dolakha with Nick Abraham in Sanku. Another trip is planed to evaluate the situation with government funding and the rebuilding. A return trip took place a week later.

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