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Update: December 2016 and January 2017 has had a busy two months with outreach programs, distribution of blankets and much requested bibles- warming the body and soul. Each trip required many hours of travel in buses and hours of walking.

Sandip ( project manager) and Chandra attended and helped to organize a youth outreach program for three days where students came on bikes , scooters and motorcycles to hear the gospel in Nawalprasi Sharjung which took place early December.

Mid December two meetings took place to discuss the work on the school project in Babare, Dolakha with Nick Abraham in Sanku. Another trip is planed to evaluate the situation with government funding and the rebuilding. A return trip took place a week later.

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Update – October 2016

Alisha Khadka – graduates from Nursing Classes
Sonan – finishing up his Lab Tech classes – in the field
Binod – graduated Sociology and is now working

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Outreach 2016 Update – May 4, 2016

Change for Hope has been diligently working with the people of Nepal since 2005.  The earthquakes of April 2015 brought another dimension to the aide work being done and the relationships we have established in these last 11 years. The first round of supplies went out within one week of the earthquakes and then when I returned for the two months of Dec 26th,2015 to  Feb 26,2016.

Nepal TeamThe men and women  I have worked with deserve a huge thank you.  Sandip and Saru Khadka , Sher and Kalpana Lama, Rajan Thebe, Chandra Mahato,  James Thami and Bikash Parajuli- without you none of this would be possible.  Thank you for  your faithful service to CFH which  is greatly appreciated.

Our work from April 2015 to February of 2016 included the following but is not limited to this list.  CFH provided all transportation to the team members and meals while away.


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From the Top of the World – February 21, 2016

Clouds seemed sprinkled across the pure blue sky.

IMG_2450The trip is winding down. The sun if finally out, plants are beginning to grow, dogs bark and cows are mooing in the fields around us as we hear roosters in the morning calling to the sun…WAKE UP…

Last week we went to Pokhara to check on the work CFH has been working on there.

Majestic sparsely snow-capped mountains peeked thru the feathery clouds in a blue blue sky, I am finally on the way to Pokhara. The mountains are not as covered with snow as in previous years. The weather has changed here, glaciers are melting, snow has not fallen and one can see dark rock where once all one could see was snow. But still they are wonderful and many are still covered in white caps.I was happy as it was if they were finally saying hello! I had not seen them since arriving as they were always covered by a mist…so allusive this trip. The winding road thru the mountains has been improved in spots and so the trip was less bumpy in a local bus that turned out quite well. The journey is still around 7 hrs but so different than the trips I took in the beginning of this trip, of mini buses, trucs and motorcycles.

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