Ongoing Project Goals:

Shree Mahadevshwori school – Babare, Dolakha Nepal

** Update 6/19/16 – School in Babare approved with Change for Hope

The original goal was to enhance the school but the school was demolished during the earthquakes in 2015. When this school is rebuilt by the government we will assume refurbishing and rebuilding areas the government does not care about with new desks and chairs, white boards and supplies, materials to build a library with ( there was none), more playground equipment ( we supplied the first) uniforms to the most impoverished children , new curriculum, learning posters, and globes, painting the inside with bright encouraging colors. The community desires cement steps leading up to the school to be built ( currently stones) and improve the outhouse facilities.

Update: The current budget listed is $15,000 and this would be needed to really build this school up into the best in the area and supply books for the library and furnishings. The current amount that we have collected is $5000 so we need $10,000 more. This will be an earthquake proof to the 8.5 earthquake mentioned above. The proposal is outstanding and I have this group ready to go on this this summer.

Click to open/download a detailed plan of the building project: School in Barbare.pdf

Estimated funding: $15,000

School 1

School 2

School 3


Pharmacy Start-up

Pramod Sagar Tamang lived in a home for disadvantaged children in 2008. After graduating from the home he became a cook and caretaker for the other children in the home. Change for Hope (CFH) met him in 2007. In 2011 CFH realized his medical potential while doing a medical clinic where he took notes with keen interest and offered him Pharmacy College. Sagar graduated September 2014 with the help of one donor.

The Pharmacy Start-up fundraising will include rental of property for one year, all medical supplies and medicines for a well-stocked pharmacy including a desk, chairs, counters and shelves and continued education. The pharmacy was started in July of 2015 but is in need of further funding.

Estimated goal: $5,500 – THIS IS FULLY FUNDED!!!


pharmacy1 pharmacy2

The Pharmacy Start-up fundraising goal of $8,000 will include rental of property for one year, all medical supplies and medicines for a well stocked pharmacy, desk, chairs, counters and shelves and continued education.

Girl's DormitoryGirls Dormitory – Mercy Childrens Home – Pokhara, Nepal

CFH hopes to add an upper level girls dormitory to the Mercy Children’s home where they have worked the last 4 years. This home is small and family orientated not a typical orphanage. This dormitory is needed to separate the girls from the boys as they are now in their teens. The addition on the upper level will cover the cost of building 4 new rooms with bedding, a bathroom and solar lighting in the study area.

Estimated funding: $9000


Farm Animals

Provide a means of income for poor FAMILIES and single women ( abandoned or lost husbands during quake) by purchasing and creating a breeding program with the purchase of goats and water buffalo for both milk and meat, chickens and a dairy cow ( cannot be eaten) but will supply milk.

Estmated need: $4000 to supply many people with their needs

All funding is scrupulously managed and accounted for to ensure money is spent on the people of Nepal to encourage them to be independent and self-sustaining in a dignified manner.


Chicken Ranch

Estmated need: $3000


Widows relief through Goats

4 widows- three goats each $750 ( one large breed, two small local goats – here are 13 more widows in this area – this is on a contract to breed for one year and to obtain a herd.
Estmated need: $750 for each widow – $3,000