Change for Hope is dedicated to helping the lives of women, children and families in the impoverished country of Nepal. In 2013 we made great strides in helping those less fortunate than ourselves through your generous contributions and prayers. We now have three college students (two getting the BS degrees) in college. One will become a pharmacist this year, one will become a teacher and one is just entering Nursing School. Education is one of the best ways to ensure another generation does not end up in poverty.





Girl in NepalMany humanitarian projects were completed including uniforms for students, shoes, and socks, clothing, medical treatments, solar lighting, dental clinics and clothing distribution. We delivered a refrigerator, games, food and other items to children’s homes I have worked with for many years. For the first time we worked with a handicapped woman who sings and found work for her teaching in a school for 8 weeks (she sings). So many other things were accomplished in the many visits to new and old friends.

Attached is a list of some of the accomplishments from 2013. I hope you will enjoy reading them and know that your money is well spent on the people it is intended to help. I do not pay for my own expenses (except travel to facilitate this work in country). I have had the privilege of serving these people since 2005. Each year brings to me new needs to advance Nepali people from survival to living independently.